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Charlie Wilcox
Biographical information
Born 1900
Died N/A
Gender Male
Status Alive
Family Samuel Wilcox (father)
Lucy Wilcox (mother)Jenny and Ethel Wilcox (sisters)

Claire Guy (wife)
Unamed sons
Unamed daughter

Physical information
Species Human
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Occupation N/Ar
Affiliation Newfoundland
First appearance Charlie Wilcox
Military Service
Allegiance British, French
Service/Branch N/A
Years 1915-1918
Rank Volunteer
Unit Unknown
Battles/Wars World War I
World War II
Awards N/A

Charlie Wilcox the only son and youngest child of Captain Sam Wilcox and Lucy Wilcox. He has two older sisters, Ethel and Jenny. Charlie was born with a club foot, which lead him to be bullied by Clint Miller and Phil Jackson. After, he got his foot operated on at the General Hospital in St. John's. He befriends Davy, a boy who lost both his legs to a train accident and Nurse Mac. He is the husband of Claire Guy, whom he three children. He was Dr. Robert Daniels assistant for around a year (c. 1915/16 - 1917).Also Charlie Wilcox was 56 years old after the war. 

In 1915, he stowed on a ship heading to England.

Physical DescriptionEdit

Charlie has blonde, tufted-up hair and blue eyes. He was born with a club foot, was had surgery on it in St.John's. In the book, he was described as a bad kisser at only one scene or part but actually is good at it when he studies or and copies the actions of another few maybe people.,,,,..


Jim NortonEdit

Jim and Charlie are best friends. In the beggining of Charlie Wilcox, Charlie trusts Jim with his father's spy glass, which is one of his most prized possessions.

=Lily MacKenzie (Mac) DanielsEdit

Charlie met Mac in a St. John's hospital. Later he got her and a doctor fired. at least he thinks so.,, .. Later he meets them in France. Charlie may have a crush on her.